Student Skills

Tutoring Rates:
$35 per hour

  • Share your session with a friend, and you both save $10 an hour ($25 per hour, per student)

Test-taking (test-anxiety), Quizzes
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Human beings function best when surrounded by order.  Working with you or your student to develop an organization system that best works for him/her can be a huge key to success.  I have many tricks up my sleeve, with systems that fit every personality.

Maybe spelling using phonetics (sounds) doesn’t work for you your your student…maybe you or your student struggles with dyslexia.  Whatever the issue, we can work on it together.  Furthermore, grammar can seem like a foreign language, especially if you or your student isn’t an avid reader.  I can break the grammar rules into easy chunks to digest, working on one skill at a time so as not to overwhelm you or your student. 

Thought Development
It is my strong believe that everyone has a unique mind, a unique way of looking at the world and thinking about things.  Where we differ is that some of us are naturally better at communicating those thoughts and ideas than others. Let me help you or your student learn how to communicate–verbally and in written form–those ideas, creating a higher sense of self-esteem and -worth.

Learning how to study is not something commonly taught in schools.  Either you are naturally good at it and succeed, or you aren’t and experience failure.  Taking the time to work on how to study can make your study efforts worth the time you devote to them.  Organizing the information you must learn, breaking it down into meaningful chunks, prioritizing the information, etc. are all areas we can cover together.

Let’s just be honest: sometimes you just need someone to sit down with you or your student and help them get their homework done.  There’s no shame in it.  Let me help!


“As a colleague and teammate of Jennifer R., I am writing to attest to her strengths and skills as a leader, an educator, and a skilled professional.

In her classroom, Jennifer is an adept educator, a generous mentor, and skilled guide.  She develops a wide range of instructional and assessment techniques that address the district standards and push her students to achieve new levels of understanding.  These techniques incorporate various writing, reading, and speaking activities and assignments, in addition to structured discussion and hands-on exploration.  I am often stirred by the work her students create and have frequently sought her feedback and inspiration in designing lessons and units of learning. She is talented in finding creative ways to engage her students and provide a variety of entry points into challenging concepts, assignments, and texts.  As a result, her students improve and achieve across the economic and social spectrum.”

– Jesse W.
English Teacher