English Skills

Whether you or your student is struggling with basic reading comprehension, understanding the literature being reading in class, or with writing skills (including Ideas and Content, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Grammar/Spelling, etc.), working one-on-one with a licensed teacher will undoubtedly show marked positive results.

A session could include brainstorming writing ideas, practicing paragraph organization, looking at graded work and revising both for practice and to submit to your teacher for a possible higher grade, practice excercises I have developed to improve  skills and teach new ones, etc.

Tutoring Rates:
$35 per hour

  • Share your session with a friend, and you both save $10 an hour ($25 per hour, per student)

Links to Helpful Resources:

What Is Reading Comprehension, and Why Is It Important?
This links to a site that explains what Reading Comprehension is, identifies signs to look for that might indicate you or your student is struggling with comprehension, and gives other valuable resources.

Suggested Reading List for College-Bound Students
Don’t let this list intimidate you…it is extensive, but just a suggested list.  If you can’t list at least 10 books that you’ve read from this list, however, you may want to consider upping your reading game.  If you need help understanding or discussing the texts, this is something we can cover in a tutoring session.

Writing Resources
While at The College of William and Mary, I worked as a tutor in the Writing Resources Lab.  We found Purdue’s Online Writing Lab to have an infinite supply of concise, helpful resources.  I have continued to use these in my teaching and tutoring careers.